Mexican Dam

The Girl and I enjoy the Carson River Trail. That walk takes us from either Silver Saddle Ranch or the Carson River Park to the Mexican Dam (and farther if we'd like). This is a beautiful walk regardless of the time of day.
The Girl and I enjoy the Carson River Trail. That walk takes us from either Silver Saddle Ranch or the Carson River Park to the Mexican Dam (and farther if we’d like). This is a beautiful walk regardless of the time of day.

Over the last week or two, the Girl and I sometimes choose a different walk than our normal routes. The Carson River Corridor is pretty this time of year, as the cottonwoods and other woody vegetation take on fall colors. Plus, with the reduction of irrigation at the first of October, there is more (not a lot, but more) water in the river. The sound of the water passing through the riffles is pleasant and I love it.

So, several times the last week or two the Girl and I chose to walk along the Carson River Trail. The trail is not as challenging as those that take us up in the Prison Hill area, but the walk offers a different kind of outdoor beauty. We both like that.

Mexican Dam is an interesting structure. It was clearly not engineered. However, given the intent of providing enough energy to operate the Mexican Ditch, mass is sufficient in this case and I doubt the dam is going anywhere.

I have to laugh, though, because it is porous and water flows through the concrete at several locations. In addition, the operators placed a few sandbags in the upstream area to boost the head just a bit so that water will enter the headgate at the upstream terminus of the Mexican Ditch.

All that said, the Girl doesn’t really care. She can chase birds and critters. The water is good to drink and feels good on her dusty feet. The dam is too tall to jump from or climb, though, so she has to go around the abutment (or whatever that thing is that Dad says). It is good to be out of the house and in the sun and air. It’s fun when Dad plays, too.

We love being outdoors together. It’s good for both of us.

Fall Comes

The trees are beginning to turn…
The trees are beginning to turn…

There are so many images I want to share. My Resistance is making time to upload a few images at a time, write something that relates to the images, and then scheduling the post. I’m uncertain just why I find this so intimidating.

One afternoon a few days ago, the Girl and I left the hotel room to walk a bit. I needed time away from the computer and the project (paying, yay!) I’m working on. She just wants to be outside and have the opportunity to chase squirrels. So we headed off to the old orphanage at Stewart and Fifth Streets. It’s a couple of blocks from the hotel, although I feel like I’m taking my life in my hands every time I cross Stewart Street at the unregulated crossing near the fire station.

With Stewart crossed, safely, we walked a few more steps and then I released her from the leash. Although Carson City has a leash law, there are places where it is unenforced (so long as the dogs aren’t aggressive). We often meet other four-legged friends at this park and the Girl has an opportunity for a romp. It is good for both of us.

This particular afternoon, though, we were alone. We walked a circuit around the area, me enjoying the early fall weather and the Girl checking every… known… squirrel… hole… I suppose hope springs eternal and she sees (and chases) one of the California ground squirrels often enough to keep her drive up. I really don’t care if she chases them, so long as she returns on command.

I love how she returns, trotting, head and tail up, with that open-mouth doggie grin, satisfied that she chased yet another bushytail to the den. She makes me laugh.

As we walked back west toward yet another opportunity to be hit by an inattentive motorist, I noticed the light shining through this tree. The colors are just beginning to show. I need to get up to Hope Valley to see if the aspens are shining. Perhaps I’ll take an afternoon off next week and drive up that way.

I have a meeting in South Lake Tahoe Wednesday. I think I’ll drive through Meyers and then through Hope Valley. There’s a little park there where the Girl can get out for a run. I could even pack a bite of supper and enjoy the evening air before we return to Carson. I just might do that before the snow flies…

Pinkcast 1.10

A few years ago I came across Daniel Pink. He’s an author and independent thinker who brings things to those of us who either work for ourselves or are entrepreneurial within another firm. He wrote some important books and continues to bring thoughtful content to his tribe. These short videos are well worth watching and his books should be required reading.

Watch the video.