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Although I wrote a relatively extensive biography about myself, I think my weblog deserves something analogous. After all, Random Ruminations began in September 2001 and is one of the longest running weblogs I am aware of.

My concept for Random Ruminations is nothing more than a place to park my thoughts and images. I sometimes run a “remainders list” — a link-list of sites and things I found during the week that interested me. I generally schedule those to post on Saturday evening about 1800h local time.

Many of my entries are diary-like in nature. They are intended to capture something of my day and tend to be personal in nature. If this isn’t your gig, that’s OK. But that’s not the only thing I post on my weblog.

Some of my entries are evaluations, either technical or intellectual, of things that interest me. There are a lot of those things. Some of them include music, photography, engineering, science, mathematics, and art. So, there is likely to be mixed in with the mundane some thoughts on intellectual pursuits.

Hence the title of my weblog, Random Ruminations.

2 thoughts on “About This Site”

  1. Hello Mr. Ruminator – I found your blog linked from a search for the Elecraft KX1. I’m a recent convert to the KX1 and also appreciate much more of your blog – blessings!

    1. Howdy Dave… Welcome to the world of Elecraft. I love my KX1 and used it yesterday to make a few contacts chasing POTA and SOTA activators.

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