Daily Image: 06 January 2024 — Red

This was the moody scene from my (temporary) office window, shot with the Fujifilm X100V at f/8.

I slept nearly 12-hours last night. It has been that way most of the week. It tells me that my body is working on recovery and that rest is required.

Given the fact I was in the rack by 1900h, it was no surprised that I woke shortly after 0600h. I made a cup of coffee and sat at my worktable, watching a few YT videos and enjoying the coffee. I glanced to my left and noticed the streetlight shining against a dark gray sky. Yep… I noticed.

I picked up the Fujifilm X100V, checked the battery, set the film simulation to standard, and framed the shot. I like this one the best.

Now I need another cup, I think. I am about ready for some food, as well. I did not eat much yesterday — not hungry — and will need food this morning. I am not sure when the kids will be up, but I could always dress and go get something.

But, coffee first.

The camper parts are ordered and the repairs will be made. But I will be delayed on my travels. It is alright, though. I am perfectly happy to stay with Older Son and DiL for awhile longer.

Life is good. I am grateful.