Flight Rules

I am not sure where I came across the following set of rules for pilots, but they seem appropriate for so many things. Therefore, I thought I should share:

  • Rule Number 1: Keep the aircraft in stable flight.
  • Rule Number 2: Should the aircraft depart from stable flight, see Rule Number 1.
  • Rule Number 3: Any landing should be considered safe if the aircraft and pilot both survive in flyable condition.
  • Rule Number 4: It costs nothing except pride to go around for a second approach if the first (or nth) approach does not appear to be viable. See Rule Number 3.
  • Rule Number 5: Do not run out of fuel. Heavier than air aircraft are called that for a reason. Gravity still works.

2 thoughts on “Flight Rules”

  1. I was also told:
    Don’t drop the aircraft to fly the radio.
    Three thing that are useless to aviators: fuel in the gas pump, altitude above, and runway behind
    Stay away from the edges of the atmosphere, mountains on the sides, outer space above, the ground underneath.
    Similar to your number 3: any landing you can walk away from is a good landing, any land you can walk away from and still use the aircraft is a great landing.

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