Remainders: 30 March 2024

My morning mug from an outing to Rosie Jo’s Cafe in Ozark, Missouri. Shot with the Nikon F2AS on Ilford XP2. Exposure data were not recorded.
  • PotaLog is yet another POTA logging program. This one purports to run on Winder$ and Linux. It is based on the QT library, so it might run on OS X as well.
  • Directions for Bronica exposure adjustment for extension tubes and, more importantly, information about replacing the mirror and focusing screen foam.
  • Much information about the Bronica cameras is at this link.
  • Dan Schneider has some suggestions for those of us who enjoy old cameras and other devices that require mercury cells to operate.
  • I have an old Pentax Spotmeter in my inventory. It uses an odd mercury battery. I think it is the equivalent of three cells in series. The Spotmeter V is a newer version of my old meter. The manual indicates that three G-13 cells are to be used. These are mercury cells. However, the report in the link indicates that the author used three LR44 silver cells. That might indicate that the Pentax meter contains a voltage regulator that will adjust the output from the cells to match the requirements of the metering circuit.
  • An alternative is a Soligor Spot Sensor II. Like all of the Soligor products, it is not as strong as the Pentax offerings (and others), but was good for its price point.
  • I found a link to a Pentax Spotmeter V repair. I was looking for a circuit diagram to see if there is a voltage regulator in system. No joy yet.
  • And for the technically inclined owners of a Soligor Spot Sensor II, there is a calibration procedure if the meter is off.
  • The JS8Call Utilities software looks like an excellent to that ham radio software.
  • A YT content creator (K7SW Radio) posted a short introduction to N4PY software. This is very cool stuff for use with older radios or as a hub for integrating a number of options and/or rig control.
  • Julian, OH8STN, posted an excellent review/setup video on using the Microsoft Surface Go 2/3 tablet computer for field use. The review is recommended.

Remainders: 16 March 2024

After the storm, these mammatus clouds appeared. Shot with iPhone 13 Pro Max.
  • Every now and again, The Atlantic does something journalistic. This article about KPH is one of them.
  • To follow up the above, there are more images by Anne Hermes here.
  • Fast Log Entry (FLE) is a quick radio logging program (for Winder$) that is useful for migrating paper logs or as a light weight logger in the field.
  • SidioCrate looks like a better alternative to my Husky bins for camp, radio, and other gear.
  • I want an outside shelter for those times I setup camp for more than a night or two. The Gazelle popups look like a solution.
  • I came across a reference to JS8Mapper Friday. It will map JS8 contacts without the Internet. Hmmm…
  • While thinking about wire antennas for portable operations, my request to the low-power operators mailing list returned a recommendation for Kev-Flex Wire. A good buddy also recommended it. I guess I will buy some and do some testing.

Remainders: 09 March 2024

The brisket was great. The coleslaw and baked beans were good too.
  • N1ET developed and sells a program for the creation of electronic QSL cards. I receive an email with a QSL card now and again, so it might be a useful tool to have. This is particularly true given I can create my own cards for use with the software.
  • The Sasquatch Stomp is coming the end of this month. It is always a fun light contest.
  • If downloading data from The National Map, use the tool uget.
  • Although I am not a prepper in so many ways, I am a believer in being prepared. Part of that preparation for incidents is to have a communications plan. After all, that is one reason I became a radio operator. The Ghost Net concept provides a framework for civilian communications should the primary systems fail.
  • The 110 film format is still alive.
  • The Path of Totality.

Remainders: 27 January 2024

With the rain comes humidity. When the temperature drops to near the dew point, we get fog. It was a foggy morning. Shot with the iPhone 13 Pro Max and converted to a “film-like” look in SnapSeed.

I was neglectful of the remainders list this week. I looked at many more websites during the week and few more were notable. Alas, I did not capture the URL.

  • pyGeohydro is a QGIS package that provides access to a lot of public data.
  • USGS Stream Mapper is another QGIS package that provides access to the National Hydrography Dataset, a map of many of the streams and rivers here in the United States.
  • If it isn’t clear, I am using QGIS for my mapping needs now. This is an interesting open source project that is quite usable and recommended.
  • A contemporary of Henri Cartier-Bresson was Robert Doisneau, who also made many iconic images.
  • Rick Oleson makes upgraded focusing screens for many medium format and large format cameras. They are called the BrightScreen. This looks really interesting to me.
  • It is no secret that I am a fan of Kodak Tri-X film. I started using Tri-X more than four decades ago. I found another photographer who did a lot of experiments with Tri-X (and Ilford FP4+) varying exposure index and development times to push and pull the film speed. His results are very interesting, as are his developer choices.

Remainders: 20 January 2024

This is likely to be my supplier of film and photographic support here in Springfield, Missouri. Shot with the Contax TVS using Kodak Color 200. Exposure data unrecorded.

Well, here we are in 2024.

Remainders: 09 December 2023

Smurfette, skating across my SuperNote A5x, shot with the Fujifilm X-T5 and Fujinon 60mm f/2.4 macro lens at f/5.6, SOOC.
  • I am working with a trial version of DxO Photolab 7. It integrates with the NIK tools, which are somewhat legendary in their utility for post processing images.
  • I was pointed to Negative Lab Pro as a tool for post processing color negatives. Some of the digitizing setups I looked at are crazy!
  • Melissa O’Shaunessy is a New York street photographer. This interview with her is interesting enough to post.
  • Maybe someday I will have a view camera.
  • With the new MacBook Pro, I keep having to reset the column width and window width of the Finder. This provides direction on how to make it sticky.
  • It is true that I have a bit of lust for a Bronica S2A medium format (6×6) camera. This review is not helping my jonesing for the system. Although the Hasselblad 500C (and 500C/M) are also suitable objects of lust, the price of a kit is pretty high.
  • This YT video is probably the best introduction to the Hasselblad system that I have seen.
  • Here is another lovely review of the Hasselblad 500 cameras.

All in all, it was a good week. I worked some, I played some, The Girl and I spent a lot of time together, indoors and outdoors. I talked to my family as well. Life is good.

Remainders: 02 December 2023

A favorite place to pause for some water. Shot with Fuji X100V 23mm f/2 at f/8 with the Reggir’s Portra film simulation.

I begin writing my remainders after the previous instance posts on Saturday evening. So each remainder is a sort of bread crumb track of my path through the Internet each week.

  • In migrating to a new Winder$ laptop, I looked at a lot of files. I came across the source for my literate programming FAQ and, in fact, a lot more that I did not expect. This includes a very nice website on Literate Programming, which I intend to revisit.
  • I am experimenting with RStudio because I use R on both of my computers. The experiment is whether it is worth the effort to use a second tool to work with the first, or should I just use the command shell that is included in R. The jury is still out on this one.
  • I also am looking at a \TeX installation on the Winder$ notebook. It looks like TeX Live is the better option. It is also the basis for my \TeX system on the MBP.
  • I ran into a wrinkle with the Winder$ laptop LaTeX install. I keep all of my custom standard macros on my Dropbox in a /texmf directory. It took me an hour to figure out how to set TEXMFHOME environmental variable to point to that directory under Winder$. This helped.
  • I have a Pentax 645 NII in my inventory. I got it out this week and it needs a little TLC. The leatherette is peeling a bit at some of the corners. A little Pliobond will fix that.
  • Nick Bedford has some thoughts on Tri-X film simulation that is interesting, but involved.
  • In a holiday saving offer from Clever Supply Co. I received a referral to another small business/maker who operates Ugmonk. I bought two of the monitor stands because I need an external monitor for my two laptop computers and I want them up on stands at eye level. This will also permit me to use the laptops’ monitors as well. I am expecting good things, especially because these units are premium price. I am done with cheap s#%(.

Remainders: 25 November 2023

This area is in the back of Buckland Station. Horses and mules would have been housed to the right, where the old stables are. This area is probably where wagons were parked. Shot with the Fujifilm X100V at f/8 using Reggie’s Portra film simulation.

As I start this entry, it is the beginning of another week. I will celebrate Thanksgiving, and will be grateful. I will also be working and taking care of my love, Sera.

  • This documentary on Jill Freedman is outstanding. She was a hoot and a helluva photographer.
  • Source Tactical produces a fill adapter for hydration bladders that permits refilling the bladder without removing it.
  • This story about the construction of the transcontinental telegraph line is very good and worth the time to read.
  • The USGS 3DEP project has the goal of collecting and making available high-resolution topography acquired using LiDAR. Open Topography produced a Jupyter notebook that describes the acquisition and use of LiDAR from the 3DEP project.
  • Mylio is an image cataloging software. I used one for several years until the developer decided to abandon it. Since then I just have a bunch of directories (sorted by date) that contain my images. Searching is a PITA, but is not dependent on software. Both approaches have their strengths and weaknesses. Is it time for me to look at a software solution again?
  • OK, so Windows 11 came with the new laptop computer. I do not like the changes to the Start Menu (at all). I had good organization of my Start Menu on the desktop. There is a fix on PC World, though. I used the instructions to fix my install of Windows 11.
  • It is no secret that I am a fan of the 7zip archive management utility. However, Windows 11 screwed up the right-click context menu. It turns out that there is not a fix, but the wonderful 7zip context menu is available.
  • The monitor of my new ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 is blindingly white. While working through some fixes for this, I found that my weblog front end can also be changed using WP Dark Mode. This is a God send for me!

Thanksgiving Day has come and gone. I spent part of the day working and part of it remembering and being thankful. I am grateful. Life is good.