Daily Image — 11 September 2023

50 Percent Off — While walking the streets of Placerville, California, I came across this rack of on-sale clothes. I liked the look. Capture with the Fuji X100V, 23mm Fujinon f/2 at f/2.8. Tri-X 400 film simulation.

There are other reasons to remember this date. I suspect it was the for my grandparents’ generation and 07 December. I have not forgotten and will not forget.

On a lighter note, I was on my way home from Sacramento a couple of weeks ago. I stopped in Placerville, California for a bite of lunch, although it was a bit early. So I walked the streets a bit to see what I could see.

This rack of clothes caught my eye. So I made the capture.

Then I wandered back to Mel’s Diner for a shake and a BLTA.

Life is good!