Daily Image — Can’t Stack Hay

I have been watching this growing haystack the last few weeks. They sure can’t stack hay bales. X100V, Tri-X film simulation, f/8.

We walked past this shed/open barn many times the last few weeks. I watched the hay stack grow as more bales were added.

I was reminded of helping Dad (father-in-law) with the hay as a young man. Having grown up in the city, I knew nothing. But he taught me what I needed to know and I did my best to stack bales on the trailer and wagons. He did most of the work in the barn because of my allergies.

I do not know if the stack is that way because they machine stack it. But the bales are sure not tied together and would readily fall over.

They just can’t stack hay bales.

Nonetheless, I came away with an image and a story. We had a good walk. Life is good.