Daily Image: 01 December 2023 — Carson Valley and Pine Nut Mountains

The Girl and I hiked one of my old favorite trails. On the top of a hill, this image presented itself. Captured with the Sony A7Sii, a Carl Zeiss Jena 50mm f/1.8 Pancolar at f/8, and processed with DxO Photolab 7, which I am trying.

I worked most of the morning. About 1100h, it seemed time to stop and get out for a walk. I had a couple of errands to run, so The Girl and I headed south, picked up camper parts at the RV center, then stopped by the bank to deposit a couple of checks that came in the mail. Because we were on the south side of town, I decided to hike an old favorite trail out in the Jacks Valley Wildlife Management Area.

The Girl got plenty excited as we approached the staging area. This is also the route to some of her peeps and I think she was expecting us to go visit. Nonetheless, she was happy when I parked the rig at the staging area and got her out.

The trail is clearly marked All Dogs Must Be On Leash. I do not know what wildlife is being protected by this order, but we saw none as we hiked. She was off lead, but close the entire walk. She knows when I want her close in and will obey when I tell her.

The area burned a few years ago and is still in recovery. There is not much vegetation yet, but for the sandburrs that plague The Girl’s feet. It was still a good day to be out, with a mix of sun and clouds and not too much wind.

We hiked the steep initial hill (got me really puffing), and then the long gradual climb along the utility road towards Jacks Valley Road. That is a good climb as it is not steep but steady for about a half mile. At the top, we turned the corner and headed back down past the school and across an unnamed drainage to climb another hill to the water tanks and cell tower. This equipment is located near where I used to live and I walked past it so many times with Ki. We loved to hike this area.

I paused at the top to make this image. I really liked the interplay of clouds and sky and thought it might make a nice image. I think I was right.

The trip back to the rig was uneventful, except that a trail runner come up behind me abruptly and scared the crap outta me. It was a good hour and a half hike and I was ready to be home.

What a good day. Life is good.