Last Rays, Last Colors

Last Rays, Last Colors... Soon the fall colors will be gone...
Last Rays, Last Colors… Soon the fall colors will be gone…

The Girl and I drove over to Fitz Park, not far from Daughter’s house for a play. She loves to sniff around and leave pee-mail for the next interloper. Once that aspect of her personality is satisfied, she’s ready to chase the ball. So, I brought the Chucker along to give her a good run before we headed off to Younger Grandson’s last football game of the season.

She made quite a few good runs. The grass is still green at Fitz Park so the surface makes good traction for puppy-feet. She has to tease me a little on each retrieve and loves to wrestle over the ball. We have such a good time playing this game.

After play, we headed back for the 4Runner. The sun was falling fast, as it does this time of the year. Many of the leaves are gone with all the wind last week. But, there were a few stragglers in the drainage ditch by the park. So, I stepped down the bank to see if I could capture a few nice frames with the iPhone.

I’m working my way through a book by David Hume Kennerly, On the iPhone. Many of his images are heavily processed after capture. In general, I eschew too much post-processing, being a purist by nature. I try to get everything right in the capture and then do little post-processing.

However, I’m thinking that there are other ways. Perhaps I should experiment more with post processing and filters than I have in the past. It seems that is a direction I’m moving, whether I want to or not. We’ll see where this goes.