Silver Saddle Ranch Thistle

A grab shot from a morning walk at Silver Saddle Ranch.

Yesterday morning, after waking early and morning coffee, The Girl and I got out for a nice walk at Silver Saddle Ranch. We walked our usual loop, starting at the upper staging area on the access road, north to the Mexican Ditch trail, then south through the ranch compound and back to the Mexican Ditch, then up the hill to the trail and back to the rig.

The loop is about a mile and three-quarters and takes something between 45 minutes and an hour to walk. It all depends on how long we linger along the way.

I knew I wanted to make an image for the day. The thistles are in bloom and provide a ready subject. I have used them before.

They still look good, though. So I paused while Sera hunted lizards and framed a couple of shots. The camera was the Fuji X-T1 and the Fujinon 35mm f/2. Sera chased of a bee that would have added interest. Oh well, next time.

Just as I looked up from the camera, I saw another walker and two dogs leaving the compound.

“Here!”” I called to Sera. She came in, I grabbed her collar, and attached her lead. Her energy level was still pretty high and I did not want her to run over to engage the other dogs.

The other handler leashed up her dogs as well. I appreciate that.

Dogs are dogs. That is OK. But a lot of handlers do not understand their animals.

It was a good walk and a good day. Life is good!