Slingshots and Catapults

This is my Flippin’ Out Scout slingshot with double bands.
A few weeks ago I purchased a slingshot. A photograph of that is posted on my IG account and I’ll write a comment about it here eventually.

I wanted something I could shoot here in town on walkies. There are many open areas where it is safe to shoot a slingshot and there is no prohibition in the Carson City Ordinances (at least that I could find). No one has hassled me about it (yet).

Shooting a slingshot is a marksmanship skill. It requires good eye-hand coordination and an understanding of marksmanship. So it’s good practice for me.

This slingshot has a large palm swell. It’s a bit big for my hands, but still manageable. It is the first time I installed double bands. They are quite powerful and too much for .38 caliber shot. If I use that size shot, I get a lot of hand slap from the excess energy in the bands. However, .44 caliber shot works much better. There is enough mass in the larger shot to use up the bands’ energy.

I will eventually get a chronograph so I can measure shot speed. (It will also be useful when I start handloading centerfire cartridges later this year or early in 2018.) I’m curious how much energy the slingshot can produce.

In any event, this is fun and I’m enjoying the focus required to shoot it.

4 thoughts on “Slingshots and Catapults”

  1. And the IRONY of it all…your name is David. hmmmm.

    1. LOL! My momma loved King David (didn’t all the girls?) and he is my namesake.

      The sling he used requires quite a lot more skill and used much heavier shot. I wonder if I can make such a device and learn to use it? Hmmm…

      1. well I had my reasons for naming MY son David too. I think HE is loading his slingshot as we speak. world get ready.

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