While on walkies with The Girl this morning, I found this chunk of wood and liked the light. Fuji X-T1, Fujinon 35/2.

I call myself a “racoon photographer.” That is, I will eat about anything.

While reading David du Chemin’s weblog early this morning, I started thinking about my lifetime as a photographer. I commented on one of his recent posts, “I’ll never be a great photographer, one who garners a lot of attention. It is not my gift.” And I believe that. For one thing, I am not willing to spend hours working on a single image trying to perfect it.

But I am reminded that Wife said to me, more than once “You have a different way of looking at things.” She meant that I see things as I walk through life. And when I do, it nourishes me somehow to pause and make a photograph.

So, here I am… posting another image made in the field without a lot of post-processing. I made a few adjustments, but it took me only a few minutes.

The Girl and I walked this morning. It was a little late for good light, but I carried the little Fujifilm X-T1 with its compact normal lens. Of the subjects that caught my eye (so to speak), I like this capture the best. The play of light on the wood pleases me.

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