The Rainbow

While walking the Girl Thursday evening, I noticed this brilliant fragment of a rainbow.
While walking the Girl Thursday evening, I noticed this brilliant fragment of a rainbow.

Last night, the Girl and I went on Walkies a little later than usual. The thermometer burst through 100F in the afternoon, for the first time since I’ve been back in Carson City. So, I didn’t want either of us out in the heat of the afternoon. But, once the sun fell low enough for there to be plenty of shade at the little quadrangle a couple of blocks from the hotel, I knew we could get out for a walk and a play.

So, I called her to me, put her collar back on, and we walked down to the rig to pick up her e-collar and the Chucker. We walked east and across Stewart Street (at great peril that vehicles won’t stop at the crosswalk) and into the fire station area and park. Drivers blow through that crosswalk regularly and that’ll get a citation (if law enforcement is around). I feel like I’m taking my life in my hands every time I cross there.

The Girl checked all the squirrel holes, just in case one was stupid enough to present a target. No joy. So, she trotted out into the grassy quad, eliminated, and greeted some of the other four-legged visitors also enjoying the cool grass.

A beautiful little “happy hippo” come over to say “hi.” But, she had her tail and head up and I so did my Girl. Pibbies! But, they did a little of the doggie-dance and started to play.

When they left, I noticed a rainbow forming to the east. I had an eye on a thunderstorm out east, but I thought it was a long way off. The radar image provided by my iPhone confirmed my assessment. Yet, there was this rainbow.

So the Girl and I moved around until the trees framed the sight and I could make a capture with my iPhone’s camera.

That done, it was playtime. Between chasing the ball and rolling in the cool, green grass, the Girl made happy sounds and happy body language. It was a good outing for both of us.