W is for…

This would certainly ruin a good day.

Bushcrafters and other outdoors types like lists. One to remember is the Five W’s:

  • Wind
  • Water
  • Wood
  • Wildlife
  • Widowmakers

There are lots of websites out there that enumerate why each of these is important. But while walking The Girl this morning, I heard the wind (quite stiff) bumping the trunks/limbs of of one of the old cottonwood trees down by Carson River.

I would not have wanted to be below this tree when the limb failed.
This gave me pause and I looked up. Doggo sniffed about, marking her territory as I considered the possibility of impending doom.

This set off a recollection in this old brain about the Five W’s of bushcraft and Widowmaker came to mind. I have walked this stretch of the river many times over the last ten years and seen the deadfalls from the trees along the river.

So I looked as we walked. And I came away with a few images to remind me to be careful in these woods. Cottonwood trees are not very strong and I do not know how to tell if the branches are diseased or weak and likely to fall. I know my risk of one falling on me while walking is rather small. But if I camped along the river, a good look above would be in order.

This was another big down fall I saw on walkies today.
All of the captures were made with the little Fujifilm X-E2, a fine little camera. The lens was the Fujinon 27mm f/2.8 and I used an aperture setting of f/8. The film simulation was Classic Chrome, but I dailed up the color a couple of notches.

Yes, out amongst the giant old cottonwoods, W is for Widowmaker. Be careful out there.