Carson River Sunset

On walkies with the Girl, we were treated with a gorgeous Carson River sunset.
On walkies with the Girl, we were treated with a gorgeous Carson River sunset.

Yesterday evening the Girl and I got away from the hotel a bit later than I intended. Yet, I wanted to get to the staging area when the light was good. The Carson River cottonwoods are beginning to look really pretty. It’s likely that the color will last only a few days. The weather is supposed to change later this week and the wind might very well take the leaves and leave us (pun intended) with the cottonwood’s winter color.

We’ve been blessed with beautiful fall weather the last few days. Walking late in the afternoon is warm but not hot. The beauty of the afternoon light compensates for the sweaty back I get from carrying a pack along with me. I took my compact camera along with me yesterday afternoon and will download the frames later today. In the meantime, I’ll share this one from the trip back from Mexican Dam.

As we walked along we met a few other hikers, mostly folks quite a bit younger than me. That’s OK so long as their fur-friends are well-mannered. We met one other dominant bitch, but the Girl and the other bitch knocked off their kerfuffle before it was serious and no harm was done. No harm; no foul…

The sun quickly dropped behind Prison Hill, so named for the rock mined for the prison and other government buildings in Carson City. In the shadow of the hills, the owls began their evening calls. I heard at least three of them, but never spotted one. Nonetheless, I smiled and thanked God for sharing that experience with me.

The view at Mexican Dam was stunning. The Carson River waters are rising with the end of irrigation season. Water now flows over the weir whereas a few days ago it did not. The sound provided a counterpoint to the reflected light on the surface of the small impoundment as I paused to make a few images before we headed back to the rig.

On the way back to the rig, we were treated to the illumination of this wave cloud as the sun drifted lower behind the Carson Range. The sight gave me pause to pray a bit, thanking God (again) for this beautiful evening as I listened to the crunch of the coarse sand beneath my boots, the huffing and snuffling of the Girl, and the hooting of owls in the distance.

It was a happy closing to a good day — a day I gave myself off from the project before me. I’ll pick up the thread again today and get the work done because it’s time to get it done. But I have the memory of that gorgeous walk last night and the captures in my camera to reflect on.

There will be more walks and more photographs, I think. This is good.

2 thoughts on “Carson River Sunset”

  1. That sunset is RICH. Makes going on walkies well-worth it! Glad to hear the photography is warming up again. gave me a nudge to get my cameras fired up again. Keep walkin, shootin and writin. You’re a blessing to us’ns

    1. Thanks, Becky… there are more frames from the last few days and I still have some from my trip south from Washington a couple-three months ago that need to be processed. I have plenty of material.

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