Jimmy and AlishaThis is one of my favorite images of one of my favorite people. Jimmy is my friend. He’s intelligent, kind, insightful, gregarious, honest, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things photographic.

His path through life is vastly different than mine. I chose the professional career path. He elected to take a less-constrained lifestyle. Like many artists I know, I respect that choice and often wonder what my life might have been had I elected to take a different road.

Jimmy’s a lot of fun to be around. Saturday afternoons we generally meet for coffee/tea either in Reno or in Carson City. During the summer months, there is a lot of activity in Reno along the Truckee River. There are many opportunities for street photography. I like working the crowd, finding interesting people to capture with the camera.

Comma Coffee in Carson City provides a different kind of interest. The wait staff there have a unique character that reflects the uniqueness of the venue. The patrons vary widely as well and often provide interesting character studies.

So, when I’m not solving the world’s problems with my friend Jimmy, I’m looking through the viewfinder for opportunities to make an interesting capture. As a photographer, I am an opportunist.

I always learn something when we talk. I often am forced to think and examine my thoughts and opinions. This is a good thing.