Roma’s Pizzeria

A favorite place for take-out pizza and stromboli.
A favorite place for take-out pizza and stromboli.

Yesterday was Younger Grandson’s birthday. So, given that I’m heading out tomorrow morning, I decided to buy supper for my family to celebrate his birthday… and just because I wanted to. Roma’s has become a favorite place. They have a very nice stromboli that I really like. I can never justify buying one for just me, so this is a real treat.

While Daughter and I were waiting for the food to be ready, I noticed the graphic appeal of the counter area. So, I grabbed my iPhone, turned on the camera, and grabbed the shot. Daughter said “Always the photographer…” and chuckled at me.

We carried the food home, had a blast with the birthday celebration, and then I watched the boys play the new game for a bit. However, the action got too heavy for me (too much fast turning) and so I decided it was time for this old man to hit the rack.

I deeply enjoy being around them. This is something I’m going to miss. But, it’s time to move along and there are other people I want to see too. So, I’d better git…