I love the blend of texture and color. When such images present themselves, I pray I'm aware enough to capture them.
I love the blend of texture and color. When such images present themselves, I pray I’m aware enough to capture them.

It turned cooler last night. I woke to a sub-40F morning… the first I can remember in a while. It was brisk and refreshing to be outdoors, even if only in the city. I also woke sore from a couple of pretty hard days. Monday the Girl and I walked a quick four miles before heading to the dentist’s office for what I hope is the last adjustment to my new bridge.

The bite was good, but I kept biting the inside of my cheek and that is not pleasant. So, he adjusted the outside of the bridges (both upper and lower) to open up the bite just a bit and knock down some of the sharpness on the upper bridge. That was so much better.

It’s so good to have a full set of teeth again. Now I just need a few weeks for the support teet to settle into their new role of carrying the bridge.

Tuesday morning we met a friend for a nice hike in the Indian Hills/Jacks Valley Wildlife Management Area. As written so many (too many) times, that’s one of my favorite places to hike. The morning was cloudy and cool with hints of rain all around us. But the Girl was ready to go and so were we. I stuffed my hoodie and a poncho into my pack, donned the pack, grabbed my walking stick, and off we went.

We moved pretty quickly that morning. The first climb up to the ridgeline is a good challenge for this old man. The first 200 yards are pretty steep, then the grade moderates a little, but there’s still a good climbout left. That got me warmed up and put some pressure on my legs.

The Girl was super-happy, sniffing, peeing, and running between the clots of brush. The cooler weather suits her. She tires quickly in the heat and is usually ready to quit by the time we return to the rig. Tuesday, however, she was all go until the very end of the hike.

We got five miles in Tuesday morning. On the way off the ridge near Jacks Valley Road I double-timed down the trail. It’s all DG and soft, so it’s easy on my knees. It’s fun running after the Girl, whooping and laughing on the way down and grabbing a bit of ass when I catch her. We were both laughing and I suspect my friend, who followed at a bit slower pace, was laughing at both of us.

It was a good day.

This morning, the Girl and I walked over by the abandoned Nevada orphanage. It’s a great place for dogs and old men. She has a blast checking all the squirrel holes (they are everywhere over there and uncontrolled). Sometimes she gets to chase one, but they’re cagey about staying low whenever anyone is around.

I noticed the image above while we were walking there. The light was beautiful in the crisp morning air. The interplay of light, color, and texture captured my attention. So, I framed the shot and made the capture. The feel of fall is here, although I suspect we’ll warm up a bit before it truly changes.

It’s a good today, too. I’m deeply thankful for my time here in Carson City. The time spent walking and hiking is so good for me. I am also enjoying going to church again. I hope to have my own space again soon as well.

As a favorite YouTuber says, “Life is good.”