LoveThe Girl came home from the vet hospital yesterday afternoon. Young Son and I drove down to Minden to retrieve her, after her vet called and indicated she could be released.

I finished what I was doing, showered, and we drove down there. They were only moderately busy, but it still took a bit before we saw the vet. He gave us discharge instructions and a prescription for her antibiotic. We drove to the isolation building (separate from the main facility) and waited for the Girl.

One of the techs brought her out. She noticed the 4Runner right away. When Young Son and I got out of the car, she started wagging. The closer we got, the more she wagged. When we were at contact range, she wiggled. She was one happy Girl to see her peeps. I was one happy old man to see my Girl.

She looked thinner to me. I think she lost a couple of pounds over the last few days. She’s a svelte Girl, so it shows when she changes her weight. This was a tough bug and treated her badly.

We drove home and went into the house. She had to check out everything. Then she told me it was time to be on the couch for awhile. I fixed her mat on the couch. She hopped up there and curled up, then looked at me. Yep — puppy-dog eyes were used.

They worked. So, I parked it on the couch with the Girl.

I spent a couple of hours there with her, just enjoying her company and her heat. We both napped for awhile.

But I had to get out. I needed to fill her prescription and gather a few supplies. So, I left her with Young Son and drove to the pharmacy for her medication. I was also able to get about everything I needed at the pharmacy. So I did and came home.

We walked a bit last night. She was happy to be out and about. But it was a lot for her and she was tired when we got home.

I spent a good part of the evening with her on the couch. I read and stroked her side. It is really good to have her home with me.

She’s subdued today. She’s tired from fighting the infection. She’s eating OK, though. We walked a few times today, nothing too long, just enough for some exercise and some sun. The vet called awhile ago. All seems well.

I’m glad to have my Girl back with me. We belong together.