Remainders — 2013-11-09

I used to do a weekly posting of links of interest found while surfing the web, or from email, or from other sources. I think I’ll start the practice once again, just in case anyone might be interested.

  • Lane Splitting is legal in California. It also makes a lot of sense in the heavy city traffic of that state.
  • Photographer’s Formulary is a source for chemicals for photographic processing. It’s a great find!
  • I’m looking at a Pentax 645 as a possible entry into medium format photography.
  • Deana Hoover is a local artist and writer.
  • Certo6 has some fascinating cameras! These are cameras I was totally unaware of.
  • It’s old, but the crash-proof motorcycle video clip (link in the linked page) is well worth the time to watch and then read the follow up.
  • OMG! I think the MacBartender utility is something I cannot live without! I installed it this week on a trial basis, but expect to pop for a $15 utility when my trial period runs out. It cleans up the menu bar nicely.