New Drone for 2024

This is along one of my regular walking paths in Ozark, Missouri. I had the new drone out for a test run and made this capture. I like having the ability to get an aerial image of an area.

Late last year I determined to upgrade my DJI Mini to the newest version, the Mini Pro 4. There are a lot of upgrades to the smallest DJI drone, but the one I wanted the most was an independent controller. I have never liked using my iPhone as the controller and was always concerned I would get a phone call in the middle of a flight. I had no idea what that might do to the controls and I get a log of spam calls.

I had a pretty good chunk of Best Buy store credits from my computer upgrades last year. So I elected to use them against the purchase of the new drone. I got about a ten percent discount as a result.

I like the ability to add aerial shots to my photography and will need to get Part 107 certification so I can legally use my drone on field walks. The imagery will help provide context for the ground shots. This will be a good thing.

The drone flies well, too. Life is good.

4 thoughts on “New Drone for 2024”

  1. Mine is a DJI Air 2S. Like you, I bought the free-standing controller very soon after the drone. Then, I got an Ipad, and an aftermarket bracket so that I can have a bigger picture. I recommend that you look into the Litchi programmable autonomous controller software- it’s cool.

    1. Yeah, the iPhone just was not cutting it as a controller. It was never bright enough and I always worried I’d get a call.

      I considered buying a iPad Mini or an Android device, but that just seemed like making things more complicated and I am really trying to simplify rather than complicate.

      Now I need to get my Part 107 as well.

      1. Part 107 is not a cake walk. I’ve been going through an online prep course for over a year, and still haven’t made it through. I should probably spend more time working on it. I do recommend that you plunk down a few bucks for a prep course. Among other things, it keeps you up-to-date on changes in the law, in a field that is a rapid state of flux.

        1. I’m not really expecting a cake walk for the Part 107 examination and I think you’re suggestion of taking a class is a good one. The accountability is good, for one thing.

          I’m not sure that a Part 107 certificate is really necessary for a sub-250gm UAV, but it would permit me to fly it on the clock to get some aerial imagery of projects. I’m really wishing I’d taken more pictures of the stream reach I’m working on. It’s been long enough that there are things I’d like to see again. That’s not happening, though.

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