Remainders: 09 March 2024

The brisket was great. The coleslaw and baked beans were good too.
  • N1ET developed and sells a program for the creation of electronic QSL cards. I receive an email with a QSL card now and again, so it might be a useful tool to have. This is particularly true given I can create my own cards for use with the software.
  • The Sasquatch Stomp is coming the end of this month. It is always a fun light contest.
  • If downloading data from The National Map, use the tool uget.
  • Although I am not a prepper in so many ways, I am a believer in being prepared. Part of that preparation for incidents is to have a communications plan. After all, that is one reason I became a radio operator. The Ghost Net concept provides a framework for civilian communications should the primary systems fail.
  • The 110 film format is still alive.
  • The Path of Totality.