Remainders: 16 September 2023

While on the trail a couple days ago, she posed for me. Shot with Fujifilm X-E4 and Voigtlander 27mm f/2 Ultron at f/2. SOOC using Tri-X 400 film simulation.
  • This week, The Corporal did a mid-week video on his preferred load bearing gear. It is worth a watch.
  • It is something I have been thinking about. I like the idea of a smaller pack to support a belt. Sometimes I want to carry a camera bag and a full pack is too much for a short hike. That lead me to researching The Corporal’s LBE and then I landed here.
  • Faizal Westcott posted a video that includes a brief review of Rick Rubin’s book, The Creative Act. I downloaded a Kindle sample, but might decide I want a hardcover book.

The photograph was from walkies a few days ago. I have been carrying the Fujifilm X-E4 with the Voigtlander 27mm f/2 Ultron mounted. It is a manual focus lens that has a chip. So the aperture setting is sent to the camera for recording in the EXIF data of the image. The focus is very smooth and focusing is fast and easy, provided I set the correct color for the focus-peaking assist.