Actuarial Tables

I really want to figure out how to get an image in my entries. I also have a small book to read on using WordPress and am planning to make this site mine, using my own design. I found a set of basic templates in HTML5 and CSS3 from Zeldman that will get me started. I just need a block of time to fiddle with things.

During morning prayers, I started thinking about my expected lifetime. That lead me to the Social Security Administration’s actuarial tables. According to these data, I have an expected lifetime of about 22 years. That’s long enough to accomplish some things, should I decide to press on.

The expectation is that a man my age will live to be about 82-years old. That’s a lot older than my father and both of my grandfathers. Yet I don’t share many of their life decisions that probably shortened their lives. What it means (at least to me) is that I have time to become skilled at something, should I choose to do something different than I am now. It also has financial implications because I need to plan ahead to provide for myself.

Of course, my assumption is that I’ll remain healthy for that time. That’s something I can work on so that I minimize the risks of major disease. I can’t eliminate them, but I can minimize the risk.

That leads to the second part of my prayers — what should I be working toward? Where should that be? What do I want?

I wish God would lean down and whisper in my ear the answers to my questions. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way. I suppose if it did, I’d be as crazy as the Irishman who was close to William Wallace (in Braveheart) who claimed that God spoke to him. That’s probably not a good place to be.

Still, I wish God would just tell me the plan instead of me having to work it out. I’m lazy that way.

New Digs

After waiting (and waiting) for TextDrive to get my shared host back online, I elected to buy hosting on another site so I have a place to park some words and images.

I will eventually move my old entries to the archives of this site, but I have no idea when I’m going to be able to do that. Just know it’s on my list of things to do. I have old entries through February 2013. I hope TextDrive will recover the remainder of my data. Regardless, I will not be using that service anymore.

So, here we go…