Daily Doggo — 30 October 2023

She is patiently waiting. For what I am not sure. Captured with the Fujifilm X-E2 and the Fujinon 27mm f/2.8 (original version).

Today was another busy day. I worked most of the morning on the FHWA project, with help from a friend. Sera waited patiently for our daily outing, which we got about 1100h this morning.

I did not mind the late start because it was about 20F when I rose this morning. As it was, the air was cool but the sun was warm. The trail out at Silver Saddle Ranch is still plagued with sand burrs, which she always gets into her feet.

We pause now and again for me to remove them. Then off she goes in search of critters.

This afternoon was busy as well finishing up the last bit on the FHWA submittal and then with a meeting with another colleague to line out the next round of analytical work.

While I worked, she sunned herself in the backyard. I just went out to retrieve her and she is not a very dusty dog. I patted off what I could and then brought her into the house.

I am not quite sure what she wants. But I would be willing to bet it is a treat. I need to go get her a cookie.

The little Fujifilm X-E2 has a built in flash. It works.

Daily Image — 29 October 2023

One of my favorite places along the Carson River — Mexican Ditch Trail on the Silver Saddle Ranch. Shot with the Fujifilm X100V at f/8 with the Portra film simulation. #SOOC

For the last number of weeks, my daily walks have mostly been on the job site in El Dorado National Forest. By the end of the day, I was pretty much done and getting in a half-hour walk for The Girl was about all I had left in me. I sometimes carried a camera, but the creative juice just was not there.

Now that I am recovering from that slog, I have time and energy to play a little radio, work a little in my house, and do something with a camera. I am also walking an hour or so for both The Girl and I. We love those times together.

Today was a treat for a couple of reasons. First was the image above. An irrigation structure on the Mexican Ditch often returns flow to the Carson River at this location. The flow crosses the road and I love the sound and sight that it makes. With the colder temperatures of the last few nights, the cottonwoods are dropping their leaves as the color leaves them. The sight this morning made me pause for a couple of captures. I like this one.

On the way back to the rig, I was keeping an eye out for other walkers/dogs and heard a whistle behind me. For a moment I thought of the Mockingjay whistle from The Hunger Games movies. That caused me to pause and I looked behind us.

Sera came to attention. When Timber and Lisa started calling her I said “Go! See you peeps!”

She blasted off, of course and I heard Lisa call “Watch your knees!” as she blew in to greet them. Sera was all wiggles and soft looks as she interacted with some of her favorite people.

I walked back to greet them and retrieve The Girl and we walked back to my rig. We paused to visit for a few minutes. I so enjoy them and it was good to spend a few minutes catching up.

The capture was made with my Fujifilm X100V and its lovely 23mm f/2 lens. The capture was made at f/8 using the Portra-400 film simulation. I am running a light diffusion filter on the camera, which provides a more filmic look.

It was a good day. Life is good.

Remainders: 28 October 2023

While on walkies with The Girl, this hat and kerchief were hanging on the ranch house fence. Shot with Fuji X100V 23mm f/2 at f/2.8 with Portra film simulation.

It has been a few weeks since my last post. There is a back story here, but this is not the place to put it.

  • Years ago I used a Finder replacement called Pathfinder. At the time I was writing for an e-zine that I have forgotten the name of. The editor reminded me that Finder has a lot of potential that I was not using. So I stopped using Pathfinder and used Finder for a number of years. I recently started looking for a Mac version of 7-Zip and remembered Pathfinder.
  • I purchased a new 14-inch MacBook Pro a few weeks ago. I completely spaced the need to carefull move my music directories. This is direction on how to do that safely.
  • Given that I have (had) a split Music library, I am now in the process of converting it to a portable Music library. I decided a couple of years ago to keep my media files on a separate, external drive. I have too much media. This will help solve my problem.
  • I am going to have the same problem with my photographs as well. All of my images (and there are a lot of them) reside on an external drive. I expect to pick up the Lightroom thread again soon and that will mean library management.
  • I am looking into using QGIS instead of ArcMap or whatever they are calling it now. I am reviewing this comparison of the two as I move forward with the decision-making process.
  • Hitch and Timber is a new find. They make high quality bags and pouches for EDC.
  • Clip-n-Carry makes sheaths for multitools and other gear. I have one of their sheaths for my Leatherman Wave+ that I carried for several years. Now that I have the new Leatherman ARC, I asked if they were going to make a sheath for it. The answer from Avi was “Yes!” so I have one on order. They make good stuff.
  • I find myself enjoying well-made things. I recently rediscovered waxed canvas and now have several bags (for cameras and computers) made of the materials. I recently discovered Alpaka Gear, who make bags. I will probably end of with one (or more) to carry gear.
  • I have had a CalDigit dock on my desk for my old iMac forever. Now that the iMac is retired and I have a new MacBook Pro, it is time to upgrade my dock as well.

Daily Doggo — 28 October 2023

While walking a morning or two ago, Sera posed for me on overwatch. Shot with the Fuji X100V 23mm f/2 at f/8 using the Portra film simulation.

It has been a minute or two. After six weeks in the field overseeing a construction project, I am no longer leaving the house at 0-dark-early and returning at 1700h. That was a string of long days and a lot of physical activity.

I am recovering and resting. The last couple of days were spent catching up with things left undone. I still have a lot to do. There is also a slug of analytical work to get done and that will take a few weeks.

It is good, though. The work is good. Then I might catch a break before the next batch of projects start up. Or it might be that work slows for awhile as the consulting business has an ebb and flow.

Anyway, The Girl and I are enjoying the cooler weather. With the cool weather the risk of snakes is much reduced. Soon they will all be in their winter dens and will be of no concern until the weather warms in the spring.

I am carrying a camera again. I have a few images that need review and processing. I have a couple of new lenses to try. I want to get out and do some radio as well.

Life is good.