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Comma Coffee SignComma Coffee is a favorite hang-out (for me) in Carson City. My Girl is generally welcome on the premises (as are most dogs), the coffee is good, the waitstaff are incredibly cute and friendly, and the vibe of the place is independent, free, and Bohemian. In my opinion, it’s a must-visit place in Carson City.

They have a variety of reviews of Yelp!, which I think I understand but do not reasonably reflect the place. As with all things social media, the postings are best taken with a grain of salt. More adventuresome folks, like myself, prefer to form their own opinions. In this case, I’m glad I did.

I often meet Jimmy here on Saturday afternoons for coffee, fellowship, and solution of the world’s problems. I think we do best at the former two items than the last. But, such things are a hazard of duty and I take full responsibility for the lack of solution of the world’s problems… or not.

Yesterday was no different, except the Girl was still in hospital being treated for her leptospirosis. I’m a little ahead of my story, so here’s the backstory.

The last few days were very tense. Her kidney function declined both Thursday and Friday. I was mortally afraid I would lose my Girl. I directly asked the vet in charge of her case how she the Girl was doing. The vet was evasive, either not knowing how to answer my question or not wanting to divulge her opinion. Regardless, Friday was a difficult day and Friday night was awful.

Many people might say [ahem] “She’s just a dog.” I might also hit them in the face in response. At least, I’d like to do that. She isn’t just a dog, but is an intelligent, warm, devoted creature God placed in my life at just the right time. The Girl often knows me better than I know myself. Although the state considers her my property (and I will defend my property), I think of her as an intelligent being who lacks verbal communication skills (she communicates in other ways) who lives with me.

The vet in charge of the Girl’s case went off-duty Friday and turned her care over to another vet. He left me a voicemail Friday and then I spoke to him yesterday morning. I was relieved to hear her kidney function was improved and that she might be released to my care today. I have the phone here beside me, waiting for this morning’s call.

I didn’t realize how much stress I was feeling. When I heard the news she’d turned the corner and was improving, I wept. I also felt a wave of exhaustion pour over me, leaving me spent and empty. I did not expect that.

So, I took care of the chores that needed doing. Then Young Son and I went out to do some shopping. He needs a few new clothes and I wanted to buy a few Christmas decorations before the big rush begins. I am planning to put up a few lights on the house this year and to have a few decorations in the house to celebrate the memory of Wife.

We returned home from our trip and a bite of lunch and I returned to a few chores. My friend Jimmy called about mid-afternoon and so I headed for Comma Coffee. Now my story is caught up.

Jimmy drove down from Reno and had a few things with him. He brought my an old Olympus Stylus pocket camera. I’m going to play with it some. I think having a film-based pocket camera (full frame) at hand is a good thing. He also brought me an old Pentax Auto 110 SLR. This is an unusual camera built by Pentax about 30-years ago (or a bit more). It was pretty expensive at the time, as I recall, and most camera snobs turned up their noses at the little cameras. But the lenses were pretty good (still are), the camera was capable, and it was pocketable but retained an SLR viewfinder.

I’m going to have fun with this little camera. Lomography still sells 110 cartridge films in both color print, slide, and black and white. I need the lenses for the camera, but am going to shoot some film and then figure out how to scan it. My understanding is that the 110 films are quite capable if properly exposed. So, we’ll see. I might have a user or I might have a shelf-queen.

It was good to spend time with Jimmy yesterday afternoon. We talked about a lot of things and I was pleased to show him a recent acquisition, a Konica Hexanon 400/5.6 telephoto lens. These lenses are rather difficult to find and don’t appear often. When they do, they are expensive. I think it has just a hint of haze on one of the internal elements. But that was with a very bright tactical light as the source and so I think it’s a minor enough issue that I’m going to shoot it and then determine whether there is a loss of contrast that requires a CLA.

We talked about medium and large format photography, because that’s where I think I’m headed. I’ll continue to use 35mm and digital for carry cameras and fun shots (and some serious work as well), but I think I’ve always wanted to shoot the larger formats and could never afford the entry price.

Used film equipment is a lot less expensive now. There are a lot of film photographers still out there creating art with film. But most of the professionals are using digital gear for the convenience and workflow. They are tasked with production of images RIGHT NOW and can’t afford the risk of not getting the shot with film. Others are interested in the analog look (I am) that cannot yet be produced with digital technology. Sensors are a long way from being able to do what film does, even as advanced as they are.

So, I’m looking at Bronica, Pentax, and Hasselblad medium-format cameras (and lenses). I think I want a field camera and not a view camera because my interest in large-format photography is more of the outdoors, landscape, and “found interesting things” category. I don’t think I need the full movements of the view camera to accomplish what I want to do.

But the interesting things about large-format cameras is that the lens and shutter are generally a unit and can be mounted on any number of camera bodies. That puts the emphasis of body selection on what is needed for the task at hand. The lenses can be interchanged almost freely.

So, now I’m just waiting for the call from the vet. I’m praying I get to bring my Girl home today. I have her things ready (her blankets are in the dryer now) and I’m so ready to have her wriggly self back with me. She puts a lot of pressure on me. I miss it.

The vet just called. It’s time to go get the Girl. [happy dance]

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  1. Awesome! So happy for you Dave. Just don’t break anything dancing 😉

  2. Got her, got her home, got her meds, and she settled right in. She was very happy to see us. She looked like she lost weight, maybe a couple of pounds. She isn’t getting out of my sight. When she does, she’ll come find me.

    She’s got some healing to do, but that’s good. I’m just glad she’s safe.

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