I need to get my images off my camera and onto my computer where I can use them. Maybe I’ll do that tonight.

We got home from Seattle about 0000 hours Monday morning. It took me a bit to settle down. We were up early Monday morning to get breakfast and get the kids ready for their trip home.

We got away on time and were able to visit the travel bug hotel near the Reno airport. I dropped the TBs I picked up in Oregon and the kids enjoyed pawing through the TBs in the hide.

Satisfied, we humped it back to the car, retrieved their gear, and the Girl and I saw them to the terminal. It was too soon to say goodbye, but life goes on. I watched them enter the terminal.

The Girl and I turned back to the car, exited the parking area, paid our bill, and drove home.

I spent the remainder of the day recovering from the hard Sunday. We did 800 miles Sunday and I started out tired. It was not smart, but it was what had to be done. In the end, no harm was done and we had a great time visiting Seattle and the geocaching event there. It was something I’ve never done before and I enjoyed the experience. It was a unique opportunity for the kids as well.

Now I’m recovering from the week of leave. I’m getting my feet back under me and starting to be productive again. I need to be because I have a big proposal due soon.