Smoky Carson Valley

Smokey Foothill RoadI worked at home again today for most of the day. I woke really early this morning, took my medications (supplements, really), and sat down at the computer. I think a dream woke me, which isn’t unusual these days. I dream about weird things… I suppose I’m still processing all that’s happened this year.

I went back to bed after puttering a little. I needed the sleep and knew it would be an intense day. I was right.

I started not long after I woke, even before properly being coffee’d up. It didn’t matter. There were people looking for my input on this big proposal, so I helped. I took a break about 0800 to shower and feed myself. I offered the Girl a short walk. But, on opening the door, she said “Nope!” and sat down. I could no coax her outside. So, I went back to work.

I busted my ass on this proposal, writing all morning and into the noon hour. I took another short break for lunch, then a short nap, then got back after it. About 1400 I thought I should drive down to Minden. The Girl still didn’t want to go out, but came out and jumped into the 4Runner when I opened the car door.

We did our duty at the office and I got some things cleaned up that had been hung fire most of the week. Then we headed for home, pausing only briefly to read a state historical marker or two and capture a geocache to maintain my streak for this month.

The find was a good one and took me to a crossing of the Pony Express Trail where it went over the old Kingsbury Grade. This was a cool find and I enjoyed reading the history posted there. The Girl sniffed around a bit while I logged my find and we returned home. Before we left, I paused to make the capture with my iPhone. Sometimes it’s the right tool for the job — particularly when it’s the only tool at hand.

Now it’s time to settle down. I cut up some more fresh peaches to have with some ice cream. Again, I have no picture because I ate my dessert instead of photographing it. So sue me…

I suppose tomorrow we’ll go hunt for a replacement phone for Young Son. He went for an inadvertent swim yesterday and lost the backlight to his iPhone. I’ve been threatening to buy an Android device for awhile. I think it’s time to experience something other than iOS for awhile.

Young Son is also celebrating the completion of his first job. He got through it, learned a lot, made a few bucks, and will start college on Monday. I’m proud of him.