Pinkcast 1.10

A few years ago I came across Daniel Pink. He’s an author and independent thinker who brings things to those of us who either work for ourselves or are entrepreneurial within another firm. He wrote some important books and continues to bring thoughtful content to his tribe. These short videos are well worth watching and his books should be required reading.

Watch the video.

A Distraction

If you keep a dry eye while watching this1,then you have no heart.

I found the link on Facebook, clicked it, and watched the clip. These are people dealing with a life-threatening or life-ending illness. Dealing with the illness and the treatment takes over everything. I know this personally.

The gift given these people and all of us through them is a moment of relief from that constant pressure. It’s simply astounding.

1Update: Dead link…

Remainders 2013-11-30

Last day of the month. Hmmm…

  • An old favorite band is Mason Proffit.
  • While at the Carson Valley Memorial Hospital for some lab work last week, I came across a few prints posted by Steven Noble. He’s a local photographer and does some really nice work.
  • Only this morning I learned of Saul Leitner. Among the articles I read was this one, which is a poignant personal perspective of an artist and a man.
  • Another bit about Saul Leitner is here.

Remainders 2013-11-16

Here we go…

  • How about a Soulver for starters?
  • If I ever write another distributed report (with coauthors), it will be with LaTeX and Git as the version management tool. Therefore, I’ll need something like Gitbox for my Mac.
  • I used to use vim all the time (under linux). Now I find out there is a vim-LaTeX package that supports my favorite text production tools. Cool!
  • The beginnings of coffee-based film development are at