Portable Ops

I took my KX3 and the GRA-1899t antenna out for a spin to work the local 10m net. The elevated counterpoise (radial) worked.
After working so hard on a numerical model Friday, then early Saturday morning (0-Dark-Early), I decided to take a break and work the local Carson Valley/Eagle Valley 10m net from the old state school park. The net begins at 1800h (local) and is an informal social net. But, it gives me practice operating and the OM who participate are a good group of experienced operators.

The Girl was demanding an outing, so we drove over a bit after 1700h. I parked the 4Runner and got her out. We did a walk around the park and I started setting up about 1735h. I had everything setup in about ten minutes.

On my first test transmission, I was told that my signal was Q5 (perfectly readable) but weak. So, I lifted the counterpoise (red wire), changing it into a radial element and pinned it in the back of the 4Runner with a bucket of miscellaneous field “stuff” I keep handy.

My signal level came up a lot. So, I knew I had an operational station. I also learned that the counterpoise wire needs to be elevated (making it a radial element). I should have known this because my design and testing was with the wire elevated, not on the ground. The counterpoise is “tuned” with it elevated.

It was a “Well-duh!” moment. But I learned something (a good thing). I was able to work the evening net with just 12 watts of power and was able to hear everyone, which I cannot do from my home station.

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  1. Just caught up reading your last four posts…sounds like you and the Girl are having a good summer…You are a good writer…I love reading about your exploits!!

    1. Thanks Sally! It has been a good summer. The Girl and I spend most of our time together and we are both better for it. We spent a lot of afternoons operating portably, usually in the Pine Nut Mountains, but sometimes in the Sierra Mountains too. There were some mighty hot days in the Pine Nuts, but with a little shade we were comfortable enough.

      Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’re doing well. I don’t spend much time on Facebook, so I haven’t kept track of your health. Please tell me you’re doing well!

      1. Yes and no: My primary care doc says I am “cruising”…I have probably healed as much as I can from the treatments; unfortunately there are some permanent side effects like I now have degenerative bone disease, scoliosis of the spine, all of my discs are bulging, and all of the vertebrae have narrower openings for the spinal cord and all nerves causing pinching. I have discovered that I must stay active and do stretching, yoga, small weights, walking, and just work around the house and yard. Some times I have to take something but am only on a muscle relaxer and over-the-counter pain meds. The bad thing is I have a knot in my neck under my left ear…had a CT in June and the parotid (salivary) gland and an intraparotid lymph node next to it are starting to show active cancer. But it can’t be verified…because the doc ordered an ultrasound and even did biopsys on the two glands…all inconclusive. So we are waiting and watching. And in the meantime I take each day as it comes and try to do for others what so many helped me with. We have two weddings in the family…one in October and one on New Year’s Eve…so am hopefully able to go and participate in both. The thing that is so aggravating is that I look ok…other than super thin…so almost everyone assumes that I should do everything I use to. I have to admit my patience is not what it use to be and it takes all I have to not lash out at people. There are pictures on my fb page of me and some of my family. I am still working with Relay For Life…my team, the Evening Star 4-H Club, uses me as an example of getting to take advantage of the Hope Lodge. So important for people that have to travel for treatments. My dog, Abby, turns nine this month and just had her annual vet checkup and shots. The vet just kept bragging on her! I thank God for her everyday, many times a day…she is so loving and makes me smile and/or laugh everyday!! You sound great!! Take care of yourself, dear friend!! And give the Girl a loving pat for me.

        1. Well love, that is both good and bad news. [sigh] The best I have to offer is my love, encouragement, and prayers. You stood by me (virtually) during my ordeal. I deeply appreciate that. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care of yourself and do not overdo, even if you (and others) think you can/should. God bless you, Sally.

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