This is a unique view of a telephone keypad.
This is a unique view of a telephone keypad.

Two weeks ago today, I had the molar just forward of the wisdom tooth in my upper left jaw removed. During the treatment of the tooth (a root canal and crown was planned), the dentist discovered a crack through the base of the tooth.

“You have a failed tooth,” he pronounced. “It will have to be surgically removed and replaced. We can do an implant or a bridge.”

I elected the bridge given I’m not keen on implants (it takes a year to get one done). There wasn’t enough time to do the work while I was already anesthetized, so he scheduled for Thursday. Thursday morning the office manager called and he was sick. Friday morning she called and asked if I wanted to get the work done.

“Yes, let’s do this.” So I snagged a couple of things and headed to Gardnerville.

As I wrote two weeks ago, the procedure was not easy. The remaining portions of the tooth were fragile and brittle. But the surgery was done, the bone graft completed, and I left with a prescription for some good drugs.

The following morning I walked the Girl a bit. I was not my normal self. I didn’t feel right. I was weak.

At breakfast I was careful about eating on the right side of my mouth. But, somehow, I touched the site with the tine of a fork. I thought a number of things at that moment, the first being “How the Hell did I just do that?” That thought was followed by several others.

It didn’t hurt. I was surprised. But, I was equally surprised that a wave of nausea hit me. It was not like I was going to vomit, but I was very queasy — to the point I didn’t want to eat any more.

I broke out in a cold sweat, fast and hard. I was woozy.

Then everything in my field of vision turned gray — I mean everything went monochrome. The colors drained from my field of view.

“This can’t be good…”

My vision didn’t collapse into tunnel vision, but I felt very weak. I wanted to leave and get back to my room. But I was afraid to stand.

As I sat there, trying to keep myself steady, I think I fainted. I fainted sitting straight up and didn’t fall. I do not know how long I was out, probably a few seconds. But I was pleased I decided not to stand up.

I waited a few more minutes for my head to clear, then paid my bill and left.

I was sick for a week. I felt weak and was extremely careful when eating.

My follow-up visit was fine. Everything was healing according to plan.

Monday I went back for an inspection and for the sutures to be removed. My healing is good. I’ll go back in a couple of weeks for them to prepare the site and make the final impressions. Then this will be done. I’m thankful for that.

Tuesday I flew to Kansas City for a job interview. The Girl flew with me, for the first time, and she was perfect! I was so impressed how she handled the entire process. She did better than I!

I’m not sure whether I want the job or not. I’m not sure they will offer me the position. I’ll wait.

In the meantime, I had the chance to spend a few days with interesting people. I enjoyed that.

The weather was killer, with morning temperatures of about 80F. It was rough on the Girl, who likes her cool morning walks. She would give up on me about two miles in, hunting some shade and cool grass where she would crash, rolling around with her tongue lolling. It made me laugh. Then I’d encourage her a bit and we’d walk on.

I had the opportunity to make a few interesting images with my iPhone. I rather like the one I posted above.

We returned to Carson City yesterday. It’s good to be back home. I like it here.

I feel so much better today. I am healing up well and my strength has returned. I did the interview trip as I promised and that task is behind me. I have some work to do that will pay the bills.

I am blessed. I am happy. I am thankful. Life is good.

2 thoughts on “Recovery”

  1. Dave, I’m glad you got your tooth fixed but I’m sorry you didn’t feel good. Sounds like you are staying close to Carson City. You miss the hills and valleys. Hopefully you are having cooler weather than we are. 100 degrees. Take care.

    1. Thanks, Pat. Yes, it’s about 50-55F in the morning. It’s warm in the afternoon and has been in the 90s. But it’s dry so it’s not so bad.

      It cools off fairly quickly in the evenings too. By 2000 hours it will be down in the 70s again. The big swing is part of living in the desert.

      I love being about to be out hiking in the sagelands. I might have to go hike in the hills one day this weekend. We’ll see.

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