Bolivia Calls

Bolivia, map courtesy Ian Macky, Portable Atlas.
Bolivia, map courtesy Ian Macky, Portable Atlas.

A few months ago, an old friend and colleague called me and a couple of others for a meeting. He retired from Texas Department of Transportation a few years ago and returned to his home in Bolivia. Now he’s the equivalent of a dean at the Catholic University in Tarija.

His interest was in having one or more of us come to Bolivia to talk about our research work in Texas. We chatted over appetizers at one of the restaurants in Lubbock and then went our separate ways.

As time passed, the workshop began to develop. Now all three of us are traveling to Bolivia for a set of workshops. The U.S. Embassy in Bolivia got wind of the project and decided to participate. I’ll be doing talks in Santa Cruz and Tarija. The others will have talks at those locations plus Cochabamba.

Now this is a Big Deal. The Bolivian government is interested in our seminars. Many professionals and policy makers are interested in our talks. The press is showing interest.

I should be trepidated by all the attention that will be directed at me. I am not. I find this very exciting and am so looking forward to the trip, to meeting people interested in the work, to seeing a place very different from my home, and in finding out what they need. It’s possible they might need what I do.

When I returned to Reno from Mount Vernon, I immediately retrieved the necessary papers from my lockbox and applied for my passport. It was returned in a couple of weeks, so I turned right around and applied for a Bolivian visa. That was returned to me on Tuesday. I have the paperwork in order. The flights are booked and reservations are made. I’m beginning to assemble things I need. My talks are nearly done.

I depart in a week. Older Son and DiL will keep the Girl for me while I travel. I will miss her terribly. But it’s only a couple of weeks and this is important.

I’m ready. Let’s go…

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  1. Now THAT is exciting David! Can’t wait to read your posts about this adventure.

  2. Excited for you — can you grab a picture of Butch and Sundance for me?

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