Better Evening

KII got a number of chores done the last couple of days. More stuff went to Goodwill and FISH and some in the trash. I took a bunch of recyclables to the transfer station. I got my grocery shopping done and my laundry is nearly done.

The wind shifted late this afternoon. The smoke plume from the Rim Fire is not passing directly over my house this evening. The Girl and I took a longer walk this evening. It was a good evening to walk, if a little windy. The temperature is absolutely gorgeous and I love it. I can tell we’re heading for fall soon.

I’ll be glad when they get the fire out and we regain our wonderfully clear skies. I hate the smell of smoke and the falling ash we’ve had the last few days. I can only imagine what it must be like for the firefighters. I pray for their safety and for those folks with homes and businesses down that way. It’s got to be a tough time.

Now it’s about time for the old man to hit the rack. I have work in the morning and we’re going to be crashing on a proposal tomorrow.