G&L Fullerton Signature Model

G&L Fullerton SignatureAbout ten years ago, I sold my G&L George Fullerton Signature Model guitar. Some folks call them an “S-Type” guitar. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a Strat-lovers Strat.

My instrument had this dark sunburst paint job, just like the one in the image. It had the three single-coil pickups. It had the G&L dual-fulcrum vibrato bridge. The only difference is that my guitar had a rosewood fretboard and not the maple. My Fullerton had the deep V-shaped neck as well. A lot of electric players don’t like that neck. I’m an acoustic player and it fits my hand very well. I loved the neck of the Fullerton.

I thought I needed a double-humbucker rig for the rock and roll band I was playing in. So, I sold my Fullerton and bought a PRS SE. I used the PRS for the band and my regular gig (worship team leader). When I quit the band and the church, I was left without a goal for my music. Therefore, my instruments languished and have been stored since then.

I sold my Marshal Acoustic Soloist amplifier (a great little solid state acoustic amplifier) but was unable to sell my Johnson JT-50 modeling amp. The JT-50 is in my garage under wraps.

When I traded Jimmy my car for some cash and photographic equipment, he brought along a Japanese Stratocaster. It’s a genuine Fender guitar. Handling that guitar reminded me how much I loved that Fullerton. There was something magical about it. The neck pickup had this great fat sound. The in-between settings produced a scooped sound that was great with a little chorus or phaser. The bridge pickup had punch.

Although a guitar is a material thing; it has no soul. But I grieved the Fullerton after selling it. It was a bad decision.

I’ve thought any number of times I’d like to have mine back. It was one of those times I wanted to go back and undo something. That doesn’t happen.

The image is of a guitar I found while searching for Fullerton model G&L guitars. I did some checking and the price was fair. It wasn’t a great buy, but it wasn’t an unfair price either. So, I bought it sight unseen. It was shipped to day and should be here Monday or Tuesday.

I’ll order a set of Thomastik-Infield strings. I prefer the Power Brights and use a 10-gage set. When the guitar gets here, I’ll set it up for the strings and play it.

For now, the JT-50 will do. However, I think I’m going to find a Fender Deluxe because I love the Fender sound and can do just about anything but heavy rock and roll with a Fender.

I’m not going to rebuild my effects board. I’ll probably buy a delay and an overdrive unit and call it good. If I want time-domain effects, I can probably pick up a used Intellifex pretty cheap. They were popular a decade ago and have probably been supplanted by newer technology by now. I like a little chorus, phaser, or flanger sometimes. I have no use for Wah and never was able to really use one.

Musically, I probably need a goal of some kind. I think for now, my goal will be to practice some, get my finger back into shape, and bring up some of my classical and acoustic repertoire as well as enjoy my electric guitars. Then we’ll see what might be next.

Photography and music were always my passions. I added writing to that about 12-years ago.