Daily Image: Sierra Nevada 10 June 2024

The view of the Sierra Nevada from El Dorado National Forest. Shot with iPhone 13 Pro Max.

I worked at Wilson Creek and South Fork Silver Creek yesterday. Of course, Sera, AKA The Girl was with me. We were walking last year’s work and noting areas that need some attention. We also walked an area slated for work this year.

The Wilson Creek meadow is lovely. There were a few mosquitoes, but not bad. The weather was also lovely. It was a good day to be outdoors.

The Girl had a blast, running all over the meadow, jumping in the water, rolling in the grass and mud, and then repeating.

It was a good day. I am grateful.

2 thoughts on “Daily Image: Sierra Nevada 10 June 2024”

    1. Thank you love! It was a very pretty day out and a good day to be alive.

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