Paint Fight GirlI met my friend Jimmy at Comma Coffee this afternoon for a short visit. While there, these three girls came in for a drink/meal. We asked them what happened and they told us about their paint fight. They were cute, photogenic, and willing.

This morning I finished up the last of Wife’s boxes. There were three cartons left over. One of them contained photographs. The other two were papers that were dealt with in about an hour. The photographs are set aside so I can work through them over the winter.

I put four more 13-gallon bags of grindings into my dumpster and hauled the remaining three down to the office to put in the company dumpster.

That stuff is all gone now and a part of my history, where it belongs.

There are a few more cartons of miscellaneous stuff here in the house. I have 11 cartons of paper/books/reports from my Texas Tech office. However, the latter I know and I can dispense with them pretty quickly. I feel another book purge coming on. I’m going to get rid of a substantial portion of the remaining library. Those books in the office cartons will be dealt with as well. I’m going to determine what I really want to keep and the remainder will go.

I found a couple of cartons from my home office in Lubbock. I think I know what’s in those cartons. The board wargames will be sold. I’m betting there are some photographs and negatives in those cartons as well. They will be archived.

I’m going to tackle some of those things in a couple of weeks. I think I can deal with my things in a weekend or two. I’ll be done with this phase soon and then it will be time to regroup. The initial assault will be complete and it will be time to mop up.

This is a good thing and I feel like a weight is lifted. I’m thankful.