Healing Nicely

This is a happy, if somewhat impatient dog. She’s healing nicely, although she still looks a bit Frankenteinish.

A couple of mornings ago I opened the inside door to let in some morning sun. The Girl immediately gravitated toward the warmth. (She was putting some not-so-subtle pressure on me to go on walkies.) The pose demanded an image.

Although she still looks a bit Frankensteinish, her wounds are healing nicely and the sutures will be removed tomorrow. They don’t seem to bother her and she leaves them alone. She’s really very easy to care for, unlike me.

8 thoughts on “Healing Nicely”

  1. Wait. That’s from the surgery in March? Three months and the fur hasn’t grown back? That can’t be right. What else has happened?

    1. Sorry for the confusion… her surgery was about two-weeks ago. And her fur grows really slowly. She has little undercoat, so it’s mostly overcoat that comprises her fur. So she’ll have bare patches for a couple-three months before it grows back in.

  2. Hugs to you both. And extra treats, yeah, treats sound good. Sorry, I have no idea where that came from.

    1. Thank you, Love! Yes, treat are good… for both of us! She just got a bit of sausage leftover from supper. I have a nice glass of cab. 🙂 Life is good…

  3. That girl is quite a trooper! What a great pic of her. She keeps you moving too!!

    1. She is a tough old bird, all right! She’s here in my workroom on her mat, patiently waiting for kibbles and walkies. Her sutures will come out at 1000h this morning. Then the healing of the wounds will continue. I’ll feel less concerned about accidentally irritating her wounds when roughhousing or petting her too. 🙂

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