Rainy Morning

It's a wet, rainy, foggy morning in Central Pennsylvania... just the right conditions for photography.
It’s a wet, rainy, foggy morning in Central Pennsylvania… just the right conditions for photography.

Although I have not written about it (yet), I upgraded my mobile phone from the HTC One M7 I used for the last year or so to an iPhone 6S. It’s a story that reflects how my mind jumps around… or perhaps it’s that I’m am a Gemini… or maybe that I’m a scanner. Regardless, I tend to bounce around quite a lot, I have too many interests, and I have too little focus. Meh…

I woke this morning to a dreary day. One of the things I love about having an iPhone again is that all my favorite photography apps are again available to me. The iPhone camera might not be amazing, but it’s solid. One of my commitments is to get out and make one good image a day. This morning, this is probably that image.

5 thoughts on “Rainy Morning”

  1. Great Shot Dave! Love it! Your Photo posts make most peoples look like Snapshots if you feel me.

    Have a great day my Friend!

    1. Thanks, Bob, for the vote of confidence.

      I have no idea how my images stand up against others’ — it’s just what I do.

      1. Might be better with more cutlery, but you know how I am 😉

        I have my eye on a Green Canvas Micarta Bull Buster (Great Eastern Cutlery Sodbuster in 1095) I’ve been bitten by the Traditional Bug 😉

        1. LOL! I have plenty of blades at the moment. There’s always room for one more, I suppose, but which one? 😉

          1. All Of Them 😉

            Except anything from BudK’s bargain basement Haha!

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