Rifle, Colorado

After several weeks in Denver, I finally finished my report and my visit. I left Friday morning, headed west. My destination is eventually Carson City, Nevada. But when I get there is not yet determined.

I want a few days to spend centering myself and spending outdoors. I thought about stopping in Grand Junction (and might yet), but was tired when I hit Rifle, Colorado. So, I pulled in here, found a place to stay, and unloaded for the evening.

I’ll have an image and maybe a story about Shooters Grill. I might have more stories and certainly have lots and lots of captures (already). But I love this bit of video that I captured up at Rifle Falls this morning.

A lady I met in the liquor store parking lot told me to go visit the falls. The Girl and I got out not too early this morning and headed north. I had a few geocaches on my list to try for as well. I’m out in the country again, happy, loving to hunt for geocaches in the rural environment, and just loving being outdoors.

We found a couple of them on the way north, then pulled into the lot, paid our access fee, and chatted with the ranger manning the station for a few minutes. Then we found a parking spot and started walking.

The air from the falls is quite cool and it was in sharp contrast to the warm summer air nearby. The sound was wonderful and I stood there for a few minutes, making a few captures and simply enjoying the moment. I began collecting the data I needed to log the earthcache at the falls. Then we started the hike up to the top of the falls.

I could not find the standard geocache at the top of the falls. There was too much traffic to really focus and I just didn’t feel like tramping around in the brush. So, we abandoned that one and went back to the falls. On the way down the trail, there were a couple of nice overwatch areas. We paused to look and listen. I grabbed the Girl’s ass now and again, just to keep her engaged.

She jumps when I surprise her and that’s fun. She’ll spin around, grinning at me, laughing “play?” Sometimes we just get after it then, running around like crazy. But we were more sedate at the park, not wanting to scare anyone… because, you know, pit bulls are killers!!!.

I finally decided I needed food. So we started back down the trail to the parking lot. There we came across a couple of Ranger and Sheriff rigs. They had a man in the back seat of one of the rigs. He did not look happy.

My rig was blocked in the lot, so I got a protein bar and some water out. We wandered back to within earshot, but out of the way. I never did figure out what the guy did. He was shouting some at his friend/family nearby. But what a way to ruin a family outing…

I was finally able to get my rig out and head back to town. We picked up a bite, returned to our room, and after I showered had a big nap. I was quite tired. I suppose I’m shedding some of that stuck city energy I picked up over the last few weeks. I know I’m much happier here in Rifle than I was in Denver.

I’m not sure what’s up for tomorrow. I have some chores I need to do. But I think I want to go back up to the state lands again. Maybe we’ll drive up a little farther in the canyon this time. Or maybe we’ll just find a nice park in town and hang out there for some fun. I could take some toys and give the Girl a good run.

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  1. That’s a stunning video of the falls. I need to visit Rifle Falls as well!

    1. Thanks David… I shot the video with my iPhone, which produces pretty good images/videos. Rifle Falls is definitely worth a visit.

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