Summer Solstice 2023

The Girl and I walked Silver Saddle Ranch again this morning. We stopped at the Mexican Ditch so she could swim a little. Happy Summer Solstice!

Today is the Summer Solstice of 2023. That means summer begins today. However, the weather certainly does not feel it. As I write this (about noon), the temperature is 65ºF.

As is our usual routine, The Girl and I walked Silver Saddle Ranch this morning. We like to start at the upper staging area (away from the ranch compound) and walk in the sagebrush. There are a number of unmarked trails that are readily visible. We pick one of them.

This morning we walked our usual route, mostly. It was fairly cool, so Sera did not jump into the ditch when we first reached it. If it is warm, she will usually get wet before we move on.

We paused at the ranch compound so she could get a drink. Someone has graciously put a bucket under a freeze-proof hydrant and there is water there year round.

We walked on south along the trail and bypassed our usual turn west to continue to the ditch. I knew she was warm and wanted to get wet. She did.

There I paused for a minute and made today’s capture. I liked the contrast of bright green and sage gray. I did use the Velvia film simulation in camera. But the image is unadjusted — straight out of camera.