Remainders: Week of 05 August 2023

Here we go with another week. It looks a little thin this week.

  • I found myself looking for an easy way to subset a dataset in R1. I found dplyr to be a useful asset.
  • Hardcore Hammers has some killer (pardon the pun) camp hatchets/hand axes. I think this one might come home to live with me.
  • Moment has a lot of interesting things for photographers.
  • I spent some time listening to Gillian Welch the last week. She is an interesting artist.
  • I have had a lot of camera bags over the years. Most of them were junk. Tamrac makes a few nice bags. But I have a fondness for waxed canvas bags. My EDC is a waxed canvas Nutsac that will carry my Microsoft Go 2 and support. I have taken to Domke camera bags in their ruggedwear line. Domke bags are highly recommended.

1R is a statistical analysis software that I use for a lot of my work.