Remainders: Week 23 September 2023

I captured this image this morning using the Sony A7Sii and a lovely Asahi-Kogaku Takumar 58mm f/2.4 rangefinder lens wide open.
  • The Hot-Crazy Matrix is such a funny bit of analysis that I have to preserve it. It will be at risk of censure because of the political correctness problem we have. I show it to female friends (and loved ones) and all have laughed at it to date. It is sarcastic humor at its best, I think. But I suspect the woke will label it misogynistic.
  • Simon’s Utak (YouTube) posted a review of the TTArtisan 100mm f/2.8 Triplet lens. The Meyer-Optik Göerlitz is a very expensive vintage lens that is highly regarded for its background blur and soap-bubble bokeh. However, the TTArtisan produces very similar images at a much better price point. It is worth a look.
  • Matt Day does a nice job of explaining the practicals of black and white film development.