Remainders: Week of 19 August 2023

Here we go with another week. Where will I land?

  • Vivitar made a ton of lenses. So many that they used multiple manufacturers for their production. If you have a Vivitar lens and wondered who made it, then Camera Quest can help.
  • I reactivated my Flickr account. It will provide some inspiration and a place to park a few images.
  • David Wilcox released a new album, My Good Friends. I bought the download (ALAC format) from Bandcamp. It is recommended.
  • Meyer Optik Görlitz made some interesting glass in the Post-Ware era to the early 1970’s. The company history is also interesting.
  • I still use my HP-48GX calculator. It might not see daily use (like my Swiss Micros reproduction of the HP-42S), but it is still used. I wrote many useful programs for it. Now I see that the memory cards are available from Retrotronik.

2 thoughts on “Remainders: Week of 19 August 2023”

  1. I lately stumbled across this website. I’ve often wondered what you were up to and now I know. I’ve gone through a lot of calculators since UMR. Sold them all (incl. 48GX). I’m back to my 32SII and SM DM15L. What happened to your HP-25? 25C? If you still have it DO NOT plug the wall charger into the calculator WITHOUT a good battery pack. The charger alone can fry the calculator. BTW, stop looking for a holy grail knife. Buy an Opinel No 8. My two cents for today. On a more serious note: I’m very sorry to read about your wife’s illness and subsequent death.. My condolences.

    1. OMG! You have been on my mind off and on, but in particular I was just thinking about you my old friend. I would love to catch up and hear about your life.

      The old 25C is long gone. I sold it years and years ago. I have a Panamatik converted HP-29C that is an interesting beast. It hangs out in my living room for those time I need a calculator. I still love the red LEDs.

      My daily driver is a Swiss Micros DM42. It has a lovely screen and uses very little power. It gets love every single day.

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