Remainders: Week of 29 July 2023

Well, we will see where the week takes me.

  • Well, this cast iron sausage pan really caught my eye. I like sausage, but do not cook them often. I think this would be great for stove top hot dogs and bratwurst. Hmmmmm…
  • While working on a project, I came across the R package dplyr. This adds a powerful ability to filter a dataframe.
  • I still track Fuji Rumors for information about the Fujifilm ecosystem.
  • For that matter, I sometimes browse Sony Alpha Rumors as well. I got restarted into photography when I bought a Sony NEX-5N more than ten years ago and then wandered into the world of adapting legacy glass.
  • In my research on the Fuji X100 series cameras, I was directed to a Squarehood, which manufactures (?) and sells square hood for the X100V and similar cameras.
  • I was also reminded of another vendor of camera accessories, Lensmate, which I remember from back when I was working with the Canon G series of cameras and then the Sony NEX-5N. The 5N remains one of my favorite (and first) mirrorless cameras.
  • I also discovered Clever Supply, which has some nice leather accessories for camera lovers.