Gratitude 2018

I have just a short post for today, Thanksgiving Day 2018.

My friend and housekeeper, Hilda, came by this morning early to clean my house. She’s been cleaning my house for nearly two years. Over that time we have become good friends. I usually leave the house while she's working so I don't bother her. Sometimes I stay here, in part because the fellowship is good and in part because it is pleasant to hear someone moving about the house.

Most days my house is very quiet. Only my dog and I are active. I spent the better part of 60 years with someone else in the house — before I left home there was my nuclear family; after there was Wife (and then kids) in the house. My normal experience is to have at least one other person moving about in the house.

Now it is very quiet. Most of the time I do not mind that because I am a quiet person. But there are times when I miss the hubbub of family. Holidays tend to be those times.

So, it was pleasant to hear Hilda working in the background as I first finished my breakfast and then puttered on the computer.

In the end, I am thankful for my friend Hilda. I am thankful that I had a houseful of people all those years. I am thankful for my little house here in Carson City. I am thankful that I hear from my children now and again. I am thankful for the constant persistence of The Girl to be engaged and active.

Most of all, I am thankful for the grace of God, who gave all these gifts.

10 thoughts on “Gratitude 2018”

    1. Happy Thanksgiving, dear and God bless you too. Please give my best to your family and friends.

  1. What a beautiful expression of gratitude ! I am thankful for your consistentvwitness to Gods goodness in all circumstances ! May He continue to bless you with his gentle reminders that you are loved. Amen

    1. Happy Thanksgiving friend! I hope that you are doing well.

      1. Taking one day at a time and enjoying spending time with family, friends and my dog, Abby. She just turned 8, but still thinks she is 2! Ha! She had a rabbit cornered under the deck and was driving the neighborhood crazy trying to get him! Ha!

        1. And so should we all… take one day at a time, spend time with loved ones, and especially spend time with dogs.

    1. Judy, that is an honor indeed. I hope you enjoyed the time with your grandchild.

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