Yesterday morning I left a bit early before heading to my in-laws’ 65th anniversary celebration. I elected to wander about Rolla to clear my head and spend some time alone with my Girl. We collected the last stage of a multi-stage geocache we were working on and then drove up to Buehler Park to retrieve another geocache. On the way we passed the Maid-Rite. This is a Rolla landmark and has been there since before I came to Rolla in 1968.

I decided to buy a Maid-Rite and sit in the cool air inside for a few minutes. Decades ago i worked at a gas station a few hundred feet west from the Maid-Rite. I would walk down to the store to buy a sandwich or a bowl of chili/soup now and again. The sandwiches were never that great, but they are still solid food and not bad. The soups and chilis were great in the winter, though, and I remember those very well.

2 thoughts on “Maid-Rite”

  1. My Grandpa loved Maid-Rites when he was a boy. Steamed meat never did much for me, but the pickles were good.

    1. I also prefer grilled hamburgers, but the nostalgia of the place won out and I had a Maid-rite anyway. It was tasty enough and the crispy fries were good. It was also a good chance to work the Girl, who did marvelously.

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