Manzanar Cemetery

Manzanar Obelisk and SkyTwo weeks ago I was preparing for some field work in southern Nevada. I’m working on a forensic case and needed to walk the site. I was also working up a case of bronchitis, starting with a cold and getting progressively worse.

Sickness and fieldwork are not a good combination. I have more experience with them together than I’d like.

But, given that I’d be going down that way for work, I decided to enjoy the trip and make a couple of stops on my way down and my way back. However, because of the bronchitis, I had to delay my departure to see a doctor. So, the stops on the trip down were scrubbed.

On my way home that Saturday, although I didn’t feel very well and was terribly cranky (just ask the Girl), I drove through Death Valley (didn’t get out much, though, because dogs are definitely not welcome) and then into Owens Valley. In reading Ansel Adams’ autobiography, I was reminded of Manzanar and wanted to stop to see the place.

The Girl and I did a little geocaching along the way home as well. She loves to get out and explore. So do I.

Manzanar is a fascinating place that deserves to be remembered. I intend to return and spend a few more hours there, preferably in the spring when it’s a bit greener.

This image of the cemetery obelisk and the wave cloud are one of my favorites. The capture was made with the Nikon D300 and a Tokina 28–85/3.5 zoom, most likely at 28mm and about f/8.