Manzanar Overlook

Overlook of Owens Valley and Manzanar

On our way home from southern Nevada a couple of weeks ago, we spent an hour or so at the Manzanar National Park. It was a place I remembered, but had forgotten until I read Ansel Adams’ autobiography. It was a place I wanted to see for myself.

The Girl and I wandered the park for awhile, fighting the increasing wind (increasingly colder wind). The Manzanar Cemetery is an interesting place as well. A last remains of a few souls still reside there. A pet cemetery is nearby as well. Origami birds adorn several locations around the cemetery.

We drove a trail a bit northwest from Manzanar to track down the last geocaches of the day. My last capture is this overview of Owens Valley and Manzanar shot with my Moto X. I was standing near the location Adams used many decades ago to record a part of his vision of the location.

I’ll go back with my film cameras, perhaps this spring or maybe in the fall. I could spend a day in the area, making images early and late and studying and reflecting during the day.