filamentaceousAfter a couple of intense weeks of working on this forensic project, I finally got the text and figures completed, the report printed, signed, sealed, and shipped to the client. The package went out about 1530 yesterday afternoon. I was really glad to see it done and I was done too. So, I packed my things and drove home.

The Girl and I walked late and it was nearly dark, overcast, and the bit of wind made it feel cold, even if it wasn’t all that cold. I get a lot of the sun, both external and internal heat. The heat of our star’s energy on my body feels good, particularly on cool morning walks in the public lands not far from the house. I often wear a dark cover on these winter days and soak up that energy.

But the warm light also warms my soul. There is something about sunshine, particularly during the winter months, that makes me feel better. It’s not just the heat energy; there is something spiritual about walking on the sun. Perhaps it’s that the lower sky angle of the sun and the passing of its energy through more of the atmosphere decreases the color temperature of that light. Sting’s Lithium Sunset comes to mind and that song sometimes plays in my head as I take in the physical/spiritual energy.

When the clouds come, and I’m thankful we don’t have too many cloudy days in a row here, my mood fades. It’s the same thing that happens to me in the evening when the sun sets. With the darkening evening my spirits fall in concert.

There’s a dangerous time for me when the sun sets. The black dog takes a few steps toward me, grinning with expectation. I have an opportunity to reject that approach and push him back to his place over in the corner of the room. I’m successful more often than not these days. But sometimes he comes and sits by my side, bringing his dark power to flow over me. Those are not good nights when his demon voices come to whisper their dark secrets.

Fortunately, the coming of a new day and the Sun’s warm energy dissipates the darkness. I’m thankful that God gives me many sunny days here. Cold I can stand, even if I don’t like it. The dark, though, is my challenge.