Post Processed Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers

A friend asked to use this image, shot with the Pentacor 135/2.8 a few mornings ago on walkies. So, I decided a bit of post production work would be appropriate to bring the image up to my standards. I generally post test images without much post because it better reflects what comes from the lens. However, for actual use they need some clean up.

The adjustments I made were pretty straightforward. I adjusted the contrast and luminance using curves. Then I sharpened the image just a bit to clean up the edges. I passed the result to an external program, Dfine2, for noise reduction. Finally, I exported the result as lossless PNG for delivery. The entire process took me a few minutes. (It took longer to describe it than to do it.)

I decided to post the result (reduced size, of course) here for comparison with the original. Enjoy.

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  1. My cousin Tom told me these are called Cosmos. Now I have a name for them!

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